This is the place for individuals who realize that being a professional dancer means training like a professional athlete.

I take what I do very seriously, but I take how I live exactly like I take my margaritas, with a grain of salt.

In my short life I’ve worked with some of the industry’s best dance teachers, NYC’s top trainers, coaches, physical therapists, nutritionist, philosophers, and most genuine people.

I want to share the knowledge they so willingly passed along to me. I hope you’ll find the #DancersWhoLift movement is more than just lifting weights.

We lift each other up.

We raise social consciousness and awareness.

We, as dancers, are responsible to lift up the voices of those who don’t have the platform that we do.

Yes, #DancersWhoLift are super hot and badass, but we’re beautiful people making beautiful things happen.

#DancersWhoLift is a blog, obviously.  

But it’s more than that. It’s space to debunk myths about nutrition and fitness, offer actionable steps toward a longer, more athletic dance career, and revel in the awesome connection that every dancer has.

It’s a safe space and a forum. Never for a harsh word or negative tone.

We promote constant honesty and openness. Honesty with in the training and nutrition techniques, honesty with our pasts, honesty in our futures. There  will never be a quick or easy fix, but an honest approach will prove sustainable results in every aspect of life.

Dancers are some of the most hardworking and dedicated individuals I’ve ever met. Individuals who have spent years of their lives in a dance studio to spend the rest of their lives on a stage. That same dedication carries over to the gym and in the kitchen.

The dance world can be cruel, unfair, and petty. But this is a safe space where we lift each other up. We don’t drip sweat, we exude kindness (and sweat, it’s a mix really). The kindness practiced toward others here carries over to the studio, the audition room, the street, the gym, and to the self. Be kind to yourself first.

You are never alone. Whatever you’re struggling with someone else has been there or is right there with you. The #DancersWhoLift create a community of support and motivation. There’s nothing more thrilling than seeing a fellow dancer book the gig or PR in the gym. These milestones are accomplished that much faster with this great community and celebrated loudly.

Every dancer is first an artist.

Our minds work differently than the rest of the world, we can see and feel music with our body. The vessel for the artist.

It takes an athlete to carry an artist.

Today’s dancers must be both. Spend some time here and watch as the artist is able to blossom while the athlete excels.